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We all love hot naked celebrities and in my case when they're classy like this photo set, even better. Cameron Diaz nude is a sight to see and seeing her in the S&M porno she did back in the 90's is even better.
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miley-cyrus naked

Young But Lots of Potential

Miley Cyrus might be young but she certainly has lots of potential for nudes. She’s not a movie star thought so you have to look to other venues besides movies to catch a look at that hot young body of hers. She’s a singer and she’s also the daughter of the big country singer (or ex-big country singer) Billy Ray Cyrus. She used to be a teen TV show hit when she was Hannah Montanna – I’ll bet the moms of those little girls that used to worship her hope she’s not their role models anymore! Since she turned 18 she’s been doing everything in her power to make sure that people know that she’s all grown up and that she’s not the same little Disney princess that she used to be. She’s not a little girl anymore and she wants to be perfectly clear about that.

She actually first posed nude when she was only 17 but they were very tasteful nude shots that didn’t show anything serious – no boob or butt. They were “artsy” photos but that didn’t stop the media from being all over it and speculating about what would come next from her. And ever since she turned 18 she’s been trying to shock people. Up until 2012, it’s mostly been things like see through t-shirts and revealing clothing but she amped it up in 2013, most notably with her video Wrecking Ball. This is the video that went crazy on YouTube as even the censored version showed her posing provocatively on a Wrecking Ball and had horny men running through the video in slow motion to see if they could get a glimpse of some Miley Cyrus nipples!

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Cassie Ventura Topless

Cassie Ventura Topless

Singer Cassie Ventura became the ‘victim’ of stolen naked pictures she claims were stolen off her computer. All of them are topless, but some are completely nude and show her about to have sex. The singer confirms they are of her, but is adamently insisting they were stolen and not just ‘accidentally’ released like so many celebs these days.

Did you know? She was born Cassandra Ventura on the 26th of August 1986 in New London, Connecticut, USA. Cassie has stated that she is musically influenced and inspired by a number of performers. Among them are Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Madonna, and Nine Inch Nails.

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